Being Green

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously at Langham Press, taking every opportunity to be environmentally aware and minimise our carbon footprint, both as a business and as individuals.

We offer a range of Recycled and FSC® papers for our customers to choose from and we also Recycle our waste paper. If your company supports this environmental challenge, then ask a member of our staff about the range of papers on offer. We can work with customers to discuss their requirements and offer alternatives, showing a clear benefit to our environment.

At Langham Press we realise that our operations have an effect on the environment, locally and nationally.

Many people are concerned about the impact of printing on the environment and our customers tell us that green considerations affect their buying decisions. We are committed to continual improvement of our environmental performance and the management of our waste, reviewing our progress regularly.


We are FSC® chain of custody certified, it is good to know that in Europe more trees are planted every year than are harvested.

We are signed up to a carbon capture scheme administered under The Woodland Trust’s woodland carbon scheme. This is a fully accredited scheme and is controlled under the UK government ‘Carbon Code 2011’. Under the code all monetary collections must go to the planting of new forests here in the UK.

Ink and Toner

We print using vegetable based printing inks and wax based dry toner.

Printing Plates

We now use a FUJI process less printing plate. This means we no longer process a printing plate using water and chemistry. As a result we save around 5,000 litres of water per month and 75 litres of chemistry, we also no longer need to store and manage the disposal of the waste chemistry and waste water. We are also saving energy costs from not having to run a plate processing unit. The printing plate are a metal composite and are recyclable.

General Waste

We now recycle at least 90% of our general waste through our partnership with the South Cambs council waste disposal team. With our company recycling programme in place we hope to increase this figure.

Waste Paper

All of our waste paper and cardboard is recycled, until recently waste paper was collected by a truck once per week. We have recently invested in a waste paper compactor, this means we can store much more waste paper on site and a collection will only be made once every five to six weeks.